The skillful work of expert hands, care for the smallest detail, careful study of the forms and materials. This is the story of Dolcefarniente and every creation that bears our name.

The brand Dolcefarniente has a history of over 30 years and has its roots in a soil made of alluring design and fine details. It is a repository of knowledge and experience gained over the years as its product, because of its quality and timeless, it is able to dive into the contemporary without being subject to fashion. Two collections of furniture for two different styles and occasions of use, both made by hand. Furniture in wicker, rattan and synthetic resin for demanding clients, who by virtue of craftsmanship can be customized arriving at a definition level tailoring of the furnishings.

Dolcefarniente brand is rent in DFN SRL indoor outdoor furnishings, a company that brings together the experience and the passion of those who have long been involved in design and is a licensee of brands of luxury furnishings.


Indoor collection - Collection of furniture in wicker and rattan who makes of relax the main premise of the concept of contemporary and classic luxury with attention to detail that only a hand-made workmanship can offer. Thus are born furniture made of rattan and wicker that enhance the charm of the plot in order to create environments looking glamorous and elegant, featuring immersive atmospheres enriched by very special and unique. Extremely versatile products that can be placed in environments from different styles.

Outdoor collection - Collection of furniture for outdoor woven with synthetic resin, unites many different items for decorating outdoor spaces in a comprehensive and prestigious way. A luxury outdoor furniture in which all creation is handmade with the highest standards of quality materials that provide maximum comfort and weather resistance. Thanks to the variety of items in the catalog allows you to give life to the scenery rich and sophisticated.